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England / Reading - They understand that your claim is individual to you and treat every case with sensitivity and compassion. They work closely with you every step of the way.
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WELCOME to Accident Claims Heaven
This site can help you find a no win no fee solicitor to handle your accident claim for compensation. Whether you've been injured in a car accident, at your place of work, on the street, in a hospital or in a supermarket, there are dedicated, experienced solicitors out there waiting to hear from you and act on your behalf.

For most claiming types you should be offered a no fee solution including 100% of your compensation. This is because, since the limiting of Legal Aid, solicitors have facilities to ensure that their fees are paid whether the case wins or loses.

This is not always possible for criminal injury compensation claims against the CICA or for some medical negligence cases e.g. against an NHS hospital, doctor or nurse for malpractice or neglect. The rules and scope of legal aid is always under attack due to the cost. Recently, changes were made to save £350million+ off the legal aid bill. Of course, that saving does not come from simplifying administration, reducing legal fees paid out or streamlining processes - it comes from simply denying a larger range of people help to fight their case.

The time scale of your case from beginning to settlement varies greatly too such as whiplash compensation claims (which can last mere months) to industrial injuries or diseases that can take years to track down a third party and/or mount sufficient evidence against them. But it can vary from case to case as well. For example, a slip, trip or fall on a council pavement could be settled quickly or randomly picked for investigation. The only thing that is certain is the length of time you have from the accidental injury occurring to still be able to bring action against the offending party. This is called the "limitation period".

Always be aware of your options, though. For example, you may have paid your insurer for "Legal Protection Cover" mixed in with your car or motorbike insurance premium - but does that mean you have to use their solicitor to pursue compensation for being injured in a road traffic accident (RTA)? Check your policy and if the person you are speaking to sounds like they are unsure or just plain guessing, phone someone else. It shouldn't hurt to get a second opinion of your claim, but sadly, telling your insurer you're using a solicitor to help you claim from your policy ... could have mixed results.

Don't be confused by the different terminology. The word "lawyers" is now in use considerably across the UK with many firms of solicitors using the term in their branding. It does not mean they are different from a solicitor nor does it mean they are American! ;)

On this site you'll see listings and advertisements for solicitors that are keen to take on cases involving personal injuries as a result of accidents across the UK. We do not manage cases and we do not sell your details around. If you fill in an advertisement form, then that advertiser will receive your details. Please see our terms and conditions for more information on this.

For solicitors and other related companies you can connect with us on LinkedIn or via Facebook. For everyone else, I'll stop rabbeting on as there are plenty of good articles on this site written by better informed people than me. Best of luck to you.

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